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The Bertola family has been handing down the quarrying and processing of the Bianca di Vicenza stone since 1600.
Quality, care and special manufacturing – including turning, smoothing, shaping and moulding – have contributed towards making our products increasingly appreciated on the market in spite of the strong competition in the stone sector.

The characteristic trait of our company has always been the need for renewal. For years “Bertola Pietre di Bertola Aldo &. C. S.n.c.” has been devoted to examining, researching and developing the market by investing in advanced systems and equipment to meet every requirement of an increasingly attentive and demanding clientele.

The use of technologically advanced and computerised work centres featuring numerically controlled multi-axial pantographs and a fully equipped technical department that uses CAD-CAM systems, is a choice that allows us to promptly execute every type of design and process to fully meet our customers’ many requirements.


Because the roots of our company go back so far, it has acquired considerable experience and is specialised in processing the Vicenza “soft” stone, Pietra di Vicenza, quarried in various areas in the Berici Hills stone basin. The “soft” stone with aesthetic characteristics typical of the Berici area, is widely used in the construction industry for the creation of ornamental elements and the production of structural architectural elements, as proved by the typical Venetian Villas or the famous Villa Capra Valmarana in Vicenza – called la Rotonda – designed by Andrea Palladio, whose 50th anniversary of birth was celebrated in 2008. Below is a brief overview of creations that have met the special demands of our customers. However, our achievements so far are not to be considered a limit to our possibilities. 

We are able to completely renew your home or headquarters and we are willing to satisfy  every wish you may have as best we can.

Thanks to our experience, not only have we used our fine craftsmanship in extremely modern and original industrial plants but also in exclusive apartments and villas, rural homes, places of worship and public buildings, in various parts of Italy and abroad.

Here are some of the most important and prestigious works that our company has completed:

  • “G. Marconi “ High School in Padua, 1952 and 1958;
  • Primary School in Mantua, 1955;
  • Decorative coatings on various palaces in Turin, from 1958 to 1972;
  • Colonnade in the Principality of Monaco, 1972;
  • Pool decor in Ospedaletti di San Remo, 1975;
  • Castle restoration in Munich, 1980;
  • Monumental Cemetery of Pescantina (Verona), years 1985, 1988, 1992, 1997 and 2003;
  • Restoration of the Excelsior Hotel at Venice Lido, 1987;
  • Garden decor for a Villa in Luino on Lake Maggiore, 1990;
  • Il Giardino Hotel in Stanghella (Padua), 1992;
  • Park and pool decor for a Villa in Bairo Canadese (Turin), 1995;
  • Villa Argentin in San Donà di Piave (Venice), 1995;
  • Monumental Cemetery of Cologna Veneta (Verona);
  • Monumental Cemetery of Marano Vicentino (Vicenza);
  • New multi-residential building in Faenza (Ravenna), 1997;
  • New castle in Munich (Germany), 1999;
  • Restoration of Palazzo Patriarcato in Padua, 2000;
  • Pool decor of Villa Rossellini in Cannes (France), 2000;
  • Villa in the U.S., 2001;
  • Villa in Bologna, 2001;
  • “Poste Italiane” branch in Adria (Rovigo), 2001;
  • Monumental Cemetery of Voghera (Pavia), 2003;
  • Multi-residential buildings with refined finishes in Cataletto Vaprio (Cremona), 2003;
  • New company headquarters for "Calzedonia" in Verona, 2004;
  • Multi-residential buildings with refined finishes in Chiedo (Verona), 2005;
  • Garden decor of a Villa in the U.S., 2006;
  • Monumental Cemetery of Thiene (Vicenza), 2007;
  • Architectural elements for a Villa in the U.S., 2008.


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